Value Added Products

DESA focuses on the monitoring and analysis of two primary application areas: built infrastructure and ecological infrastructure.

Built infrastructure  such as human settlements and road and rail networks made easy through provision of value-added products based on high-resolution commercial analysis-ready-data from SPOT satellites. Ecological infrastructure products such as water resource management and terrestrial ecosystem products are derived from the freely available Landsat and Sentinel-2 data. 

Human Settlement Usecase:

Ecological infrastructure products are more commonly derived from satellites that provide freely available data from systematic observations, typically every few days or weeks. Examples include the Sentinel-2 constellations from the European Copernicus programme, or the Landsat series of satellites from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). A wide range of applications can be supported from such satellites including the monitoring of terrestrial, agricultural, aquatic and marine ecosystems. Initial demonstration value-added DESA products will focus on spatial and temporal changes in planted areas, based on products derived from the Sentinel 2 sensor series at a 10 – 20m resolution over the main growing seasons. Additional products, currently in development, will be made available in 2022, focusing initially on an expanded portfolio of water resource management and terrestrial ecosystem products, derived from primarily from Sentinel and Landsat satellites.

Figure 1. Crop Arable Land Fraction product derived from Sentinel-2 data.