DESA turns raw high resolution satellite Earth observation data into actionable ready to use data.
Leverage Data Cube and Analysis Ready Data (ARD) technology to provide minimal effort access to SANSA’s 30-year archive of SPOT high-resolution Earth observation data.
DESA allows governments, scientists, businesses and citizens to efficiently produce and use Earth oberservations to provide insights for society’s most pressing challenges.

Analysis Ready Data

SPOT Analysis-Ready Data (ARD) enables users to analyse and extract information from the satellite dataset, alleviating the burden associated with data pre-processing. The analysis-ready dataset is standardised, harmonised, interoperable, radiometrically consistent BRDF corrected, geometrically consistent, and aims to conform to the Committee of Earth Observing Satellites Analysis Ready Data for land (CARD4L) specification, allowing for efficient and effective data analysis. SPOT data is only available to government employees.

Decision Support Tools

We provide user interfaces, co-designed with our stakeholders, that are easily understood and can be manipulated by a wide variety of end-users to obtain rapid analytics and insights across applications. Access our urban dynamics decision-support tool (beta version) here.

Value Added Products

Get access to our value-added products for built infrastructure such as human settlements and road and rail networks based on high-resolution commercial Analysis-ready-data from SPOT satellites. Our ecological infrastructure products such as water resource management and terrestrial ecosystem products are derived from the freely available Landsat and Sentinel-2 data.


DE South Africa Maps

A feature-rich, web-based geospatial data explorer

DE South Africa Analysis Platform

A Python-based environment providing technical users access and analysis tools to explore and conduct research

Open Web Services

Provides a standards-based interface to the metadata and datasets of DESA

Data Cube Explorer

Web-based exploration of Open Data Cube collections – GitHub