Analysis Ready Data

SPOT Analysis-Ready Data (ARD) enables users to analyse and extract information from the satellite dataset, alleviating the burden associated with data pre-processing. The analysis-ready dataset is standardised, harmonised, interoperable, radiometrically consistent (BRDF corrected, geometrically consistent, and conforms to the Committee of Earth Observing Satellites Analysis Ready Data for land (CARD4L) specification, allowing for efficient and effective data analysis.

Video 1: - Indicating changing Theewaterskloof dam extend over 15 years using ARD SPOT image and NDWI

SPOT 6/7

SPOT (Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre) satellites have provided medium to high-resolution data useful for various thematic applications since 1980s. SPOT 2 – 7 provide data of varying resolutions and spectral bands with irregular acquisition time steps (see Table 1). Therefore, the SPOT ARD provided by the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) provide data that is standardized, harmonized, interoperable, radiometrically (BRDF corrected) and geometrically consistent and pre-processed to reduce the burden of data pre-processing to allow immediate analysis and efficient exploitation of the data. The ARD data products are :

  • Pan-Sharpened Nadir BRDF-adjusted reflectance (NBAR) product: This product consists of three spatially-enhanced (pansharpened) bands, i.e., a combination (or fusion) of Panchromatic band and Multispectral bands. This is suitable for qualitative analysis and object-based analysis of structures such as buildings.
  • Multi-spectral Nadir BRDF-adjusted reflectance (NBAR) product: This product consists of SPOT multispectral which have been corrected for Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) based on a MODIS BRDF product (MCD43A1,
  • Panchromatic band: This product is provided at high resolution than the multispectral bands because of its broad bandwidth (i.e., more than hundred nanometers) which enables it to hold a high signal-noise ratio.
  • Spectral classification: This product consist of a broad classification of features such as vegetation, clouds, and can be used to mask the same on the images.

SPOT Satelite information

SatelliteBandsSpatial ResolutionLaunchedDecommissioned
SPOT 2Pan, G, R, NIRPan (10m); MS (20m)22 January 1990July 2009
SPOT 3Pan, G, R, NIRPan (10m); MS (20m)26 September 199314 November 1997
SPOT 4Pan, G, R, NIRPan (10m); MS (20m)24 March 1998July 2013
SPOT 5Pan, G, R, NIR, SWIRPan (2.5 – 5m); MS (10 – 20m)4 May 2002March 2015
SPOT 6/7Pan, B, G, R, NIRPan (1.5m); MS (6m)9 September 2012 / 30 June 2014Operational

Table 1. SPOT 2 – 7 data specifications